I'm Dana Tang

I coach skating and code apps and websites.

Email me at sk8coachdana@gmail.com


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Moves in the Field App

This app covers the standard, adult, and adaptive moves in the field tests. It gives you quick access to judging sheets, skater checklists, pattern diagrams, the rulebook, videos etc.

Sk8 Motivation App

Motivational quotes from famous figure skaters about skating. Save your favorite quotes in the app, so that you can reference them when you need some motivation on and off the ice.


  • Coaching since 2013
  • PSA senior MITF rating
  • PSA registered ice dance rating
  • PSA registered free skate rating
  • Registered yoga instructor
  • Passed Senior Moves in the Field
  • Passed Junior Freeskate
  • Passed Gold Ice Dances
  • Passed Adult Solo Free Dance
  • Passed Preliminary Figures
  • B.S. in computer science
  • MBA with emphasis in data analytics
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